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Electrical enclosures serve to protect electrical devices from adverse environmental influences, such as dirt, other particulates, moisture, or chemicals that could damage components. Plus, by housing electrical devices inside a secure enclosure or box, personnel are protected from electrical hazards such as electric shock, arc flash, and burns. However, electrical devices generate heat as a byproduct of their operation. When the heat load of the electrical devices within an enclosure exceeds the heat dissipation achieved through natural convection, the temperature inside the enclosure will rise.


Pneumatics electrics 400The requirements for modern production plants are becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore essential that the drive technology used is the best possible solution for the task at hand.





Digitalisation not only involves the networking of plants in factories, is also brings new hazards of espionage and manipulation because attackers may exploit any security loopholes. Security, in the form of data security, is therefore increasingly important. This whitepaper is to support you in understanding the central aspect of Security and to implement any approach to a solution in practice.



Wi-Fi network planning and deployment can be a daunting task for most business operators. Network engineers need to carefully select network equipment, do site planning, deploy equipment, set optimal network parameters, and continuously tweak the network parameters to get the best possible performance.




Moxa's ThingsPro 2 Suite Simplifies the development of IIoT applications, facilitates data acquisition, and enables better remote device management. Using ThingsPro, users can configure commonly used finctions such as Modbus communication, data acquisition, wireless networking, and device management in just a few steps. This allows users to focus on developing applicatiosn instead of complex system integration.


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