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Circular Connectors 400The metric system of units was introduced for the first time in 1793 during the French Revolution and is used even today in almost all countries worldwide. The metric round plug connectors are also based on this system of units and are a known standard in raw industrial applications.




“Dirty Power” means an unclean supply system. This does not concern the means (environmental aspect) how your utility company generates power, but rather how certain electrical/electronic units are “contaminated”, often unknowingly.




The question that engineers and manufacturers ask when considering their production joining and manufacturing processes is - can we do this better, cheaper and more efficiently?




There are three router-based methods for establishing remote access to industrial systems via a PC or mobile device—with each providing a different level of security, required implementation effort and integrated features.




Today’s machines/systems are more connected than ever before with many utilizing cloud networks for remote access. Cloud networks come with inherent security risks and the StrideLinx platform goes above and beyond to ensure data security.





The threats that make enclosure thermal management necessary to begin with reach the height of their destructive energies all at once, once a year, in the summertime. While some logistics of manufacturing become vastly less complicated in the summer sun, several interrelated changes in the weather threaten the critical electronics that allow production lines to operate.




 Protecting the consumer and the manufacturer's brand are the key aspects of hygienic and efficient automation in food production. The aims are high productivity and perfect tasting food.



 To support IT professionals in developing a strategy to deploy IT at the edge, Schneider Electric has released a new White Paper entitled “Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges”. The paper creates a structure for anticipating potential issues at the edge and details how to identify an ecosystem of partners with which to collaborate, integrate and deliver all of the essential infrastructure components required.



 Whether due to a bustling economy, reshoring, better technology or a skilled- labor shortage, manufacturers are automating more than ever before. According to ASSEMBLY magazine’s annual Capital Equipment Spending Survey, 89 percent of U.S. factories employed manual assembly processes in 2009, while only 17 percent used fixed automation. A decade later, those numbers are decidedly different. In 2018, 77 percent of factories employed manual assembly processes, but 31 percent used fixed automation.





The automotive industry is currently dealing with major changes, including a shift towards globalized platforms and standardized vehicle architectures. Although this helps streamline production, it also means that a single flawed part could have a much broader impact than ever before. Spurred by the high cost of recalls, automotive production currently faces a complex and evolving regulatory landscape.



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