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October 24, 2019

Littelfuse, Inc., a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing, announced today the expansion of its award-winning line of POWR-SPEED® PSR series high-speed fuses by adding 275 new bolted and DIN mounting options in various sizes and amperages to meet global market needs.

These PSR series fuses are used in power conversion and power conditioning equipment to provide overcurrent protection for critical power semiconductor devices such as diodes, triacs, IGBTs (insulated-gate bipolar transistors), SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers), and MOSFETs (metal–oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors). Plus, the square body design accommodates up to 2,000 amperage with up to 70 percent DC interrupting rating in a smaller footprint. This unique, compact design saves space providing more design flexibility in power systems.

“Modern day power semiconductor devices are especially vulnerable to thermal surges and overcurrent conditions,” said Sakthidharan Krishnamoorthy, product manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. “PSR series fuses are engineered to optimize protection and reduce the amount of short circuit current to extend the life of these power semiconductor devices.”

Other key benefits of the PSR series include:

  • Different mounting terminations, including bladed and flush mount options, to meet a broader range of applications
  • Unique silicon sealant prevents filler leakage to increase fuse reliability and keep equipment safe
  • Up to 20 percent more DC voltage in standard package size than existing products
  • Up to 70 percent more DC interrupting rating than existing products
  • Third-party DC certification printed on product label, along with extensive published DC information with global certifications, help streamline UL inspections

These fuses are ideal for:

  • Power conversion device protection (UPS, inverters, rectifiers, drives)
  • Battery protection applications (energy storage systems)
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • High power DC systems (DC common bus, DC injection braking)
  • Heaters and welding equipment
  • Power supplies

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 “Predictive maintenance is a condition-based maintenance strategy that remotely monitors the condition of equipment using Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices,” says Dan Andersen...

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AutomationDirect Contrinex M18AutomationDirect has added a new series of Contrinex M18 photoelectric sensors to their ever-growing selection of discrete sensors, as well as a new sensor tester used with various sensor types to verify operation in the field.

The Contrinex M18 sensors are made in the USA and have a short body for easy installation in even the tightest locations. These sensors are available in diffuse, diffuse with adjustable background suppression, retroreflective, and through-beam models, and with NPN and PNP logic. All PNP models are IO-Link® compatible, and all sensor outputs are complementary, allowing them to be used as a light-on or dark-on sensor.

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Made4CNC Launches World’s First Completely Automatic CNC Door Opening Solution for Robots

Made4CNC Door Opening Solution for RobotsOdense, Denmark, August 23, 2021: Currently only a small percentage of the industry's CNC machines are automatically fed components. Most of the world's CNC machines rely on either the operator or the robotic arm having to physically open and close the machines' heavy doors every few minutes. Investing in a new fully automatic CNC machine or upgrading an older model can be a tall order, both in practical and financial terms.

Made4CNC's first official product, the new Safedoor SD100 removes the barriers to the automation of component feeding at machine shops. Safedoor SD100 opens CNC doors that are up to 1 meter wide and weigh 400 kg, at a speed of 500 mm/s.

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WESCO Canada Designated a Bosch Certified Excellence Partner


WESCO Distribution Canada LP recently announced that it has earned the Bosch Certified Excellence Partner designation. The Certified Excellence (CE) designation is an international program in the Partner Management of Bosch Rexroth, one of WESCO Canadas’s largest suppliers of automation and control products. Certified partners must provide the best and most reliable service to customers and are seen as an integral part of “ONE Rexroth Sales” worldwide.

WESCO will leverage its Certified Excellence designation to maximize the use of Bosch technologies to efficiently support customer operations wherever they are located.

Michael Gross, Vice President & General Manager of WESCO Canada stated, “With Bosch as a partner we are giving our customers and users a competitive advantage through safe, efficient, intelligent and high-performance solutions."

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Mitsubishi Electric Releases CNC Offset Manager Software


Mitsubishi Electric is announcing the release of its CNC Offset Manager software for remote modification of computerized numerical control (CNC) tool and work offsets. With the push towards automation and central control, machining facilities are searching for more efficient ways to manage their CNC machines. The software can introduce increased efficiency in multiple ways: for instance, it allows one operator to manage more machines, speeding up machine setup and tool wear changes, or adjusts for parts out of tolerance, as well as centralizing this work so operators don’t need to move between machines or into robot cells. CNC Offset Manager is thus geared towards production managers and supervisors on factory floors across various industries, as well as towards CNC automation software companies.

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