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March 26, 2018

The EPLAN Platform 2.8 user interface is easy to use with comprehensive layout possibilities and customised views for project data. Furthermore, the entire windows for navigators or data dialogues can now be hidden as fly outs at the edge of the main window. This means there is plenty of space available for designers, which makes working on a project much clearer. The fly outs can quickly be opened and closed – as needed – as tabs over the opened project pages. Difficult shifting or temporarily expanding windows is outdated. But that’s not all: the Quick Input Box has been expanded. Additional important information from the status bar is shown beneath the buttons in the toolbars, therefore ensuring users are informed about everything at a glance.

Clarity in Focus

Users may label projects opened in parallel with different background colours, which makes it easier to distinguish between projects. Furthermore, additional navigators, for instance a second Page Navigator, can be displayed – giving users an overview of different project sections at the same time. Users may also use the additional navigators to simultaneously display several differently filtered views of particular project data within a project such as pages or devices. Expanded shortcut paths also make project designing clearer. Project data can be displayed automatically in various directories – with minimal effort.

Macro Technology

When it comes to macros, users can look forward to a number of powerful expansions. First and foremost, the macro display is now available in schematic projects. This allows designers to quickly and easily identify window and symbol macros in a project. Additionally, expanded settings allow macros to be easily updated. The integration of placeholder objects, now possible in the Macro Navigator, ensures quick identification and editing. This allows changes at short notice, for instance, to exchange a motor rating, it can be quickly updated with a single mouse click.

EPLAN Electric P8

There’s also a lot to discover in the individual systems of the EPLAN Platform. For instance, EPLAN Electric P8 has expanded bus data properties which can now be seen in both the single-line and multi-line properties dialogue. Enhanced project information increases the value of the EPLAN documentation for all the working steps downstream from engineering – for instance for data exchange with PLC software development.

EPLAN Preplanning also has interesting updates, including a simplified presentation of higher-level PCT points, improved numbering for structure indicators, and more options for configuring segment definitions to name just a few. All these are important functions that help to simplify the creation of high-quality plant documentation for users in basic engineering for process automation and control technology. In EPLAN Fluid, users can expect better overviews: control-relevant components can be more easily identified with special overview pages, simplifying the combined handling of electro-technical and fluid-power aspects.

Easier Cabinet Replacement

Regarding enclosure design, replacing a panel due to increased space requirements is very easy – namely in the existing 3D mounting layout. Simply replace parts and carry on configuring the enclosure. Additionally, this applies for side panels including the base, busbars, chassis and others. This simplicity also applies for panels with 3D macro variants: items can be exchanged in the Assembly Navigator without the existing original item placement being deleted in the layout space. The practical benefit: users can directly save various construction forms for an enclosure design variation of a 3D macro in the master data and, where appropriate, swap their position in the enclosure via an item replacement. Any subsequent complex changes for the positioned control cabinet item are no longer required.

Changing Scene

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Pilz: Clearing The Way For Cylinder Production


Pilz Cylinder Technology54 plants are to be modernised, to upgrade Vaillant’s production of hot water storage cylinders to state-of-the-art electrical and safety technology. The safety design for cylinder production was to incorporate a barrier-free solution for two older production lines, combining safety with efficiency. The loading and unloading area presented a challenge, as it was to be free of any disruptive structures.

Safety that's almost artistic

On the basis of the hazard assessment Pilz developed an unusual safety solution using the light curtains PSENopt II. The individual positioners are accessible from three sides and secure cylinders of various sizes, which are fed in manually and via crane. 

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OTTO Motors and Siemens Partner to Implement Leading Autonomous Mobile Robot Material Handling Solution

OTTOOTTO Motors, a major provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and Siemens Canada, a provider in the global digital transformation in industry and a division of Siemens AG, have recently announced a new partnership. Together, the companies are breaking new ground in Industry 4.0 technologies, in areas ranging from high-performance collaborative mobile robot control to physical asset tracking using Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). RTLS is Siemens’ latest state-of-the-art technology which uses a scalable locating system specifically designed for industrial applications.

“Siemens’ global presence and breadth of product portfolio has been clear to us for as long as we’ve been in business,” said Ryan Gariepy, CTO of OTTO Motors. “Using Siemens controllers to power OTTO fleets will allow our AMRs to achieve a new level of driving performance without compromising safety. For our customers, this means maximum productivity and better ROI.”

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It’s finally here – the new EPLAN Platform 2022. And with it, solutions provider EPLAN is heralding ...
54 plants are to be modernised, to upgrade Vaillant’s production of hot water storage cylinders to ...
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Beckhoff Canada Opens Office in Greater Vancouver

Beckhoff CanadaCAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Aug. 24, 2021 – Beckhoff Canada opened a Western Region Sales and Training Centre in the technology-rich Vancouver area to increase sales development and market share growth. The 2,950-square-foot office is in Tower 1 of the prominent Metrotower Office Complex in downtown Burnaby, British Columbia.

The facility offers increased space for sales and engineering support, training and seminars, as well as an intelligent motion lab where Beckhoff product experts can test Flying Motion capabilities and machine concepts using the XPlanar system.


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AutomationDirect Releases New Contrinex M18 Short-Body Photoelectric Sensors and Sensor Tester

AutomationDirect Contrinex M18 Short-BodyPhotoelectric SensorsAutomationDirect has added a new series of Contrinex M18 photoelectric sensors to their ever-growing selection of discrete sensors, as well as a new sensor tester used with various sensor types to verify operation in the field.

The Contrinex M18 sensors are made in the USA and have a short body for easy installation in even the tightest locations. These sensors are available in diffuse, diffuse with adjustable background suppression, retroreflective, and through-beam models, and with NPN and PNP logic. All PNP models are IO-Link® compatible, and all sensor outputs are complementary, allowing them to be used as a light-on or dark-on sensor.

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WESCO Canada Designated a Bosch Certified Excellence Partner


WESCO Distribution Canada LP recently announced that it has earned the Bosch Certified Excellence Partner designation. The Certified Excellence (CE) designation is an international program in the Partner Management of Bosch Rexroth, one of WESCO Canadas’s largest suppliers of automation and control products. Certified partners must provide the best and most reliable service to customers and are seen as an integral part of “ONE Rexroth Sales” worldwide.

WESCO will leverage its Certified Excellence designation to maximize the use of Bosch technologies to efficiently support customer operations wherever they are located.

Michael Gross, Vice President & General Manager of WESCO Canada stated, “With Bosch as a partner we are giving our customers and users a competitive advantage through safe, efficient, intelligent and high-performance solutions."

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Mitsubishi Electric Releases CNC Offset Manager Software


Mitsubishi Electric is announcing the release of its CNC Offset Manager software for remote modification of computerized numerical control (CNC) tool and work offsets. With the push towards automation and central control, machining facilities are searching for more efficient ways to manage their CNC machines. The software can introduce increased efficiency in multiple ways: for instance, it allows one operator to manage more machines, speeding up machine setup and tool wear changes, or adjusts for parts out of tolerance, as well as centralizing this work so operators don’t need to move between machines or into robot cells. CNC Offset Manager is thus geared towards production managers and supervisors on factory floors across various industries, as well as towards CNC automation software companies.

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